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Smart and Sexy: Top Models with Beauty and Brains

January 29, 2015

Anyone who says fashion models can’t be smart and beautiful has never met the powerful women on our list below. With looks to kill and brains to match, these four women have walked the most coveted runways in the world, all the while pursuing aspirational academic, creative and philanthropic endeavors.

Elettra Wiedemann
The daughter of actress Isabella Rossellini, Wiedemann, model and socialite Elettra Wiedemann is not just a privileged pretty face. She’s been the face of Lancome, Tiffany’s, Agent Provacateur, Ferragamo, The Gap and Mango. Wiedemann is fluent in English, French, and Italian, received an undergraduate degree in International Relations and a Masters from the London School of Economics (LSE) in Biomedicine. If that weren’t enough, she also launched the environmental charity One Frickin Day, and she’s competed in three half Ironmans!

Elettra Wiedemann

Lyndsey Scott
Lyndsey Scott has walked on fashion week runways for Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Calvin Klein. But when the Amherst grad isn’t strutting her stuff, she’s putting her computer science degree to use as a coder. She has several apps available in the Apple store, and she actively speaks out about the need for diversity in tech. Pretty spot on, her brother once called her “a mix of Bill Gates and Gisele.”


Cameron Russell
In a groundbreaking TED talk, Victoria Secret runway model Cameron Russell blew the lid off the fashion industry, white privilege and why looks aren’t everything. It’s now one of the 20 most watched TED talks, but Russell is just getting started. The Prada and Victoria’s Secret model wrote her Columbia University honors thesis about grassroots public art and political power; she launched Interrupt Mag focusing on marginalized youth; and she also produces video content covering issues that range from climate change to gender equality.


Gisele Bündchen
While people around the globe recognize this Brazilian supermodel’s stunning face, many do not know about are her philanthropic endeavors. She’s worked with and over time has donated millions to the Red Cross, Brazil’s Zero Hunger program, cancer research and more. She’s also firmly committed to environmental and sustainability issues, is on the board of Rainforest Alliance and also serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme.