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Making it Reign with “The Royals”

March 17, 2015
Written by: Lil Newman
Editorial Manager, Marketing Manager
Image via E!

E!’s highly anticipated new drama, “The Royals”, premiered last night as the network’s first scripted television show ever! The series follows a fictional British Royal Family and their power struggle through scandal, debauchery and all that’s in between. We sat down with Alexandra Park, who plays Princess Eleanor to get the inside scoop!

What do you think fans will love most about the show?

I think they’ll love that there’s nothing like this out there… it hasn’t been done before. It comes down to a combination of things; our Creator, Mark Schwahn, who has a gift for creating a little something for everyone, a brilliant group of complex characters whose stories we can relate to and root for. On top of the heart and drama, our story is set in the palace; it’s beautiful, sexy, a fantasy, but it’s real.

It looks like we’ll be seeing lots of sex, drugs, and scandal.. Any funny set stories?

One time Tom Austen and I accidentally broke the set during a raucous romantic scene. I’m not even joking. We had to take ten to reassemble the tunnels. And we are best friends. It was beyond hysterical.

How do you relate to the Princess that you play?

I relate to Eleanor’s vulnerable side more so than her wild exterior. As viewers delve into the series they will meet this side of her.. the side that myself and I think most young women in the world can relate to. The aspect of wanting to be good at something, to do good, and to make someone proud. To find her place in the world. I relate to this through my dream of being an actor, the adventure, the knock backs and the getting back up.

Tell us why fans should tune in to the show.

Fans should tune in to ‘The Royals’ if they want to find a new best friend via the television. A friend that delivers all the emotions you could require; to laugh, cry, scream, the friend you can’t get enough of.

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Make your reservation here and be sure to catch “The Royals” Sundays on E! at 10/9c.