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LiFE of the Party

March 27, 2014
Written by: Foujan Volk
Editorial Director

We’ve spent a decade doing things differently in nightlife. By creating brands that challenge convention, we’ve worked to develop a community that’s redefining the culture of nightlife.

What began with Shelter, continued with Hyde, S Bar, Greystone Manor, The Sayers Club and many others over the years. From the Chrome Room and the birth of TMZ, to the Drake/French Montana bottle battles, and the secret Prince shows – history is made in those rooms.

While history is indelible, the future is for dreamers. And today we’re dreaming of LiFE, the latest addition to our nightlife collection at SLS Las Vegas – opening Labor Day Weekend. For far too long, the party has been about just the entertainment and LiFE defies that notion, knowing the real essence of the party is its people.

This is LiFE.