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Concrete Canvas: LA’s Best Street Art

August 11, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

In Los Angeles, you don’t have to look far to find some of the best street art by some of the world’s best artists. From Hollywood to Downtown, the City of Angels is saturated with colorful murals, legal and not-so-legal graffiti, all using concrete as their canvas. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite spots to start off your LA street art tour – but the landscape of the city is ever changing, so just as quickly as these were spotted, we’re sure to see new creations in their place.

Retna and El Mac
Hollywood and North Western, Hollywood
Collaborations between LA native Retna and street art portrait extraordinaire El Mac always feel like a pleasure to stumble upon. They’re also becoming highly sought after cohorts by big businesses and celebs alike. El Mac’s powerful photo-realistic imagery paired with Retna’s repetitious flowing typography embrace themes of human experience and social struggles. Lucky for us, you can spot quite a few of their pieces around. We love this one on North Western and Hollywood.


Claudio Etho
5th and Main, Downtown
As LA works on rebuilding its once forgotten Art Deco center with new eateries and coffee shops, street artists continue to use the area’s high walls as canvases. Brazilian artist Claudio Etho’s piece on 5th and Main is a thoughtful work commissioned by the LA Art Machine and the Do Art Foundation.


Fairfax Avenue, between Oakwood and Rosewood
Reminiscent of a 70s album cover, LA street artist Duce created this mural to celebrate Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ studio album release—fan art at its finest. Also an animal lover, you can also see a mural dedicated to Duce’s cat on Hoover Street & Sunset Place.


3rd Street and Hewitt, Downtown
Wrinkles of the City is a project by socially aware artist and TED award winning Frenchman, JR. His series of black and white wrinkled faces are a contrast to the glamor Los Angeles is known for. We’re into this upside down figure on 3rd Street at Hewitt Downtown.


Shepard Fairey
Melrose Ave
On Melrose Ave you can find one of Fairey’s iconic, original murals. Imagery like this is what he became known for, with its intricate, and bold iconography and palate of red, black and white.


9th and Broadway, Downtown
It wouldn’t be a street art round up without a Banksy piece. Head Downtown to 9th & Broadway for one of the English graffiti artist’s environmentally friendly pieces, left behind after Banksy’s West Coast, Exit Through the Gift Shop tour.

Banksy_9th and broadway