Hotel Hacker: 6 Tricks to Getting the Best Hotel Deals

April 8, 2016
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Thanks to the internet, countless travel apps at our fingertips, and a more globalized world than ever, it’s never been easier to book a hotel room. That said, most of us don’t want just any hotel room, and of course we’d gladly take a deal over paying full price. That’s why we’ve rounded up six expert tips for hacking your way to great room rates. After all, we’d rather spend that extra money on the things that really matter while traveling: drinking, dining, and having fun.

  1. Become a VIP
    Many hotels offer discounts on rooms and amenities when you sign up for one of their loyalty programs. At sbe if you join The CODE you’ll receive up to 30% off your stay at SLS South Beach, not to mention perks like 50% off restaurants every month at venues like K Ramen. Burger. Beer. or Katsuya South Beach.
  2. Call in sick, travel on a weekday
    Room rates are highest on the weekends. Our advice? Call in sick to work, and take advantage of affordable rooms and a less crowded hotel so you can sip mimosas by the pool with plenty of space.
  3. All you have to do is ask
    When checking in, there’s no harm asking for an upgrade or an ocean view. Sometimes a property isn’t at full capacity and rooms are available to upgrade, or switch to, for better amenities. If you’re bold enough to ask, you may just be rewarded with an even more epic room than you originally booked.
  4. Get a refundable rate, then check back often
    Since hotel prices are changing all the time, you’ll have peace of mind if you book your room at a refundable rate, then check the property’s website often for exclusives or deals that come up. For instance, when you book ten days in advance at the new Redbury New York, you’ll get 10% off best available rates.
  5. Give a heads up about a special occasion
    Whether a big birthday, an anniversary, or a honeymoon, let the hotel know in advance or upon check-in. Chances are, even if you don’t get a better room, you’ll be made to feel extra special with perks upon arrival.
  6. Book at “the magic hour”
    Travel experts have pinpointed the best time to book hotels and flights as being Tuesdays, after 3 pm, and preferably six weeks out from when you want to travel. Also, the best rooms are sometimes put on 24-hour holds by customers. But if you book when those holds are released after midnight, you may find more rooms on offer, and therefore more affordable prices.