Hot Young Authors to Warm up to this Winter

December 24, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

There are few things better than cozying up to a great book when it’s cold outside. It’s even better when that book is by one of the several bright, young authors who are taking the literary world by storm this year. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites to watch and to warm up to this winter. Happy reading!

Eleanor Catton 
Recommended reading: The Luminaries, 2013

The youngest person ever to win the Man Booker Prize, Eleanor Catton’s Astrological mystery and her second novel won critical acclaim when she was only 28 years old. The Luminaries is set near the Goldfields of New Zealand in the year 1866. The thrilling novel follows Walter across the Islands as he seeks out fortune. Instead, he finds himself entangled in a barrage of unsolved crimes between 12 men—each of whom are linked to the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

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Téa Obreht
Recommended reading: The Tiger’s Wife, 2011

This Yugoslavian born talent and New York Time’s bestseller was but a baby in the literary world at 25 years when her masterpiece was published. The Tiger’s Wife is set in an unnamed Balkan country, in the present and half a century ago, and features a young doctor’s relationship with her grandfather and the fascinating stories he relays to her.

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Karen Russell
Recommended reading: Swamplandia! 2012

Miami-based Karen Russell’s pulls upon her Florida setting to debut Swamplandia!, the book follows thirteen-year-old Ava Bigtree and her family of alligator wrestlers who also run the alligator theme park Swamplandia! When illness falls upon Ava’s mother, the family plunges into chaos. Ava sets out on a mission through the magical swamps to save them all. Through her journey, the reader is drawn into a lush and bravely imagined debut novel that earned critical acclaim and was a finalist for 2012’s Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

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J Courtney Sullivan
Recommended reading: The Engagements, 2013

When J Courtney Sullivan was writing her third novel, something unexpected happened: her boyfriend proposed. The act inspired what would become The Engagements, the story of a fictional diamond over the course of over 100 years. With two New York Times bestsellers up her sleeve already, The Engagements is an ambitious and entertaining journey through the 20th century.

J Courtney Sulliva

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Ned Beauman

Recommended reading: Boxer, Beetle, 2010

25-year-old Ned Beauman is a British novelist and journalist, whose promising first effort, Boxer, Beetle was first published to acclaim in 2010. The novel follows a recluse and obsessive collector of Nazi memorabilia as he traces a mysterious letter back through to the 1930s with hilarious and surprising results.

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Lena Dunham
Recommended reading: Not That Kind of Girl

Love her or hate her, with HBO’s hit show Girls, Lena Dunham pioneered a new generation of feminist spirit, and opened the door for men and women to look at gender roles and expectations differently. In her first memoir, Dunham once again looks inward and recounts what she’s learned in her short time on earth, to humorous, albeit at times cringe-worthy results.

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