Drink + Dine

8 Tips to Host the Perfect Friendsgiving

November 19, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin

We’re all for breaking with tradition. This holiday season that means we’re going for an unusual Thanksgiving feast with friends, aka Friendsgiving. What that means is plenty of loved ones, plenty to eat, even more to drink, and none of the family drama. If you’re planning your own Friendsgiving, we’ve rounded up eight pointers to ensure this will be your most memorable holiday yet (that is, depending on how much you drink).

  1. Plan ahead – Make a guest list, send out an email or Facebook invite several days before.
  2. Keep your numbers down – While we love friends of friends, too many of them will result in utter madness (and even more to clean up in the morning).
  3. Decide what kind food situation you want – Are you super hands on and like to cook everything, or would you rather have people bring a dish each and take things off your plate (no pun intended)? Decide before you send the invite out so you know what to tell guests.
  4. Let’s talk turkey – If you host, you’ll be expected to cook this, unless you have the best-friend-ever that’s willing to step in.
  5. Booze – Make sure you have enough. Ask your friends to bring some of course, but stock up yourself as nothing kills the mood more than an empty glass.
  6. Get creative on the decor – Add some accents around your home either inspired by the season or something else festive to set the mood.
  7. Send friends home with food – Either for themselves, or to hand off to someone in need on their way. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll have leftovers.
  8. Have fun – This goes without saying but often the host focuses on the planning so much they forget the main goal, to enjoy it all!