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All Gold Everything: How to Host a Glam Golden Globes Party

January 8, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin
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The Golden Globes are upon us this weekend! At sbe, that translates into a great excuse to party in honor of our favorite TV shows and films. For those not on the guest list to industry parties, the next best thing is to throw a celebration of your own. We’ve tapped sbe’s Director of Special Events Corey Conrad to help with a few party planning tips to ensure your Golden Globes blowout rivals heavy hitting fetes like HBO’s honoring Girls and Game of Thrones (who wants to go to that anyway?!)

  • Color Scheme: Make it all gold everything! Being that it is the GOLDen Globes, the more gold, the better. Decorate with gold accents: candles (you can never have too many gold candles!), confetti, streamers, faux award trophies. Champagne counts as gold too, right?
  • Decor: Create a contrast with one essential non-gold accent of the night: a red carpet. You can buy a cheap one online, or get a roll of red fabric at a craft or costume store.
  • Play Dress Up: Invite all your guests to dress up as a favorite character from a nominated film or TV series. Getting into character will give your guests great conversation fodder and help as an ice breaker when introducing new friends. You can even make the evening a costume contest where everyone votes on the best, with a prize at the end.
  • Fabulous Food: It is essential to have the perfect mix of delicious bites that combines both fancy (oyster shooters with caviar) and approachable (white cheddar popcorn). Popcorn is always a big hit at viewing parties and even better when you spice it up with different flavors. Appetizers as opposed to a big dinner is the way to go to keep the party social.
  • Killer Cocktails: Create fun signature cocktails named after some of the nominated movies or shows. Doesn’t an “Into The Woods” Whiskey Drink sound delicious? Or, an “Imitation Game” Gin Cocktail? Need help? Contact sbe and Collins Cocktail Catering.