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Haunted Hollywood: Where to Get Spooked this Season

October 23, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

There’s nothing that puts us in the Halloween holiday spirit more than getting scared out of our minds. That’s why we’ve tracked down LA’s truly terrifying haunted spots to pay a visit to this month. Follow our lead, and these frightening adventures will leave you with plenty of spooky stories leading up to All Hallow’s Eve—if you live to tell them.

Marilyn Monroe Suite

It was here that the legendary actress lived when she was trying to break into the business. After the hotel underwent a massive facelift in 1985, some of the old residents “came out to play.” The first spotting of blonde bombshell was in her suite, allegedly by a maid dusting a full length mirror. An image of Marilyn was there, but gone when the maid turned around.


Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The ghost of actor Clifton Webb is one of the famous hosts said to haunt LA’s oldest cemetery. Guests have experienced swirls of cold air (let’s be honest—it’s never cold in LA), wafts of cologne and some have claimed to have seen the “Mr. Belvedere” star wearing a suit, walking through the premises.


 Hollywood Sign

Before it was the iconic sign it is today, it was the “Hollywoodland” sign, set up to advertise residential developments in the hills. It also served as a haven for suicidal Angelinos with broken dreams. Stage actress Peg Entwistle’s body was found in 1932 and police determined she had climbed the ladder leading to the 45 foot letter “H” and jumped. Today, hikers in the area claim they’ve seen Entwistle’s body around the sign. Some have even smelled her gardenia scent. 


Pasadena’s “Suicide Bridge”

Though no one likes the nickname given to this beautiful bridge along Colorado Street, it’s been the site of over 100 suicides since it was built in 1912. Along with the deaths came the spirits, which have been detailed as a man wearing wire rimmed glasses and a woman in a long flowing robe who vanishes as she jumps off the structure. Strange noises have been heard in the riverbed below and animals act up in the area.


Vogue Theater

What is today the site of the raucous Supperclub, was once an old elementary school that burned to the ground in 1901, killing 25 school children and their teacher, Miss Elizabeth. Several ghosts have been spotted, sometimes by the 600 people here partying, and “Fitz” the friendly ghost is said to lurk around the projection room.

OLD vogue theatre