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The Ultimate Guide To Drinking And Not Getting A Hangover

May 30, 2014
Written by: sbe Editor
Image via New York Magazine

There are times when a Sunday hangover is no big deal: when you’ve got nothing better to do than sleep it off, no one to see, and no more partying to do. But let’s be honest, you do have better things to do, namely, early-evening-partying at XIV Sessions. We’re not saying you shouldn’t go out this Saturday night, but you don’t want to miss XIV this Sunday. Follow these handy pointers, get your tickets, and we’ll see you on Sunday.

  1. Mind your water intake: follow the age old “one for one” rule of chasing each drink with a glass of water. Dehydration is merely the shrinking of water-based tissues around the brain, creating pressure and the feeling of a pounding headache the morning after. Sipping on a glass of water between each drink should keep you reasonably hydrated – you’ll thank yourself in the morning.
  2. Prep for the pre-game: it may sound like a no brainer to make sure you have dinner before drinking, but don’t forget to chow down on a hearty but balanced meal before hitting the bar. Try a dish of whole wheat pasta with chicken and veggies to make sure the alcohol in your system isn’t absorbed in double time.
  3. The lighter, the better: stick to lighter drinks with little to no additives. Darker drinks like red wine and whiskey have congeners, substances that are produced during fermentation and are linked to causing hangovers. Sugary drinks are notorious for leaving you extra dehydrated and hungover in the morning – a classic gin and tonic is a light drink to sip on when you know you have an early morning.
  4. Opt for only the best: keep it classy and only drink top shelf. The more expensive a liquor is, the less congeners it has. It’s best that you spring for the finest liquor you can get your paws on.
  5. Too little, too late: if you’re still feeling like a wreck come 10am despite your best efforts, try sipping ginger tea – ginger is famous for combatting nausea. Some swear by keeping a liter of coconut water handy for hydration with a little blood sugar boost. Pair this with a banana (potassium is your friend in this scenario) for those situations where your normal greasy hangover go-to’s sound too terrifying to touch. Once you can rally up some energy, opt for an egg sandwich and mass amounts of water – the taurine in eggs has been shown to reduce liver damage that results from a liquor-heavy night.

And when nothing else works, get some sleep. Taking a quick nap may be the final kick your hangover needs.