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From Calvin Harris to Chaka Khan: Kristine Mirelle Shakes Things Up at Jazz Wednesdays

June 6, 2016
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Kristine Mirelle is proof that aliens aren’t the only otherworldly beings to come out of Roswell, New Mexico. Mirelle, now based in LA, is a singer and songwriter that captivates audiences with a voice like velvet and a stage presence that far outsizes her petite frame. Music lovers can find her and a rotating group of talented musicians every week at The Library at The Redbury Hollywood, for Jazz Wednesdays. We caught up with her here to find out more.

kristine mirelle jazz wednesdays

What will we see at Jazz Wednesdays?
We came up with this concept of taking songs people recognize and making them more of what we like to call “Neo-Swing.” It’s a fun jazzy, bluesy, swingy type of feel to songs from artists ranging from *NSYNC and Calvin Harris to Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan.

I partnered up with the very talented “Nu Movement,” and we put together an eight-piece group filled with horns, background singers, the occasional violinist, and other great musicians. I also perform a few of my original songs.

Why is music important?
Music is a release, an expression, and an influencer. It’s a way for us to connect with each other or disconnect. We can laugh, or we can cry. Music can be whatever we want it to be, and each of us might identify with the same song but in completely different ways.

It’s also sometimes a way to leave whatever suffering or hardships we are going through and suddenly live in a moment of a beautiful melody. It’s healing, and I believe it’s the most powerful way to influence.

What do you find inspiring creatively about LA?
The opportunities are endless. I’ve been lucky to surround myself with some of the most talented people. There are so many gifted artists with their own sound and unique style that make you think out of the box.


You perform five nights a week. What’s great about being in front of an audience?
I love to feed off people’s energy—taking requests and playing songs they haven’t heard in a long time. Or maybe a couple is celebrating an anniversary, and I can play their wedding song. I love to perform my original music and see people’s reactions: how they identify with what I’ve created and hear what it means to them.

Your piano playing skills are incredible. Is there truth to the 10,000-hour rule or were you born insanely talented?
Thank you! I started playing when I was a kid and became addicted to it. I think the 10,000-hour rule could be a good representation of what it takes to be good at something, and I also think some people pick up things quicker than others. The great thing is, as long as you put in the time, you can become good at it.

Jazz Wednesdays takes place every Wednesday night from 7 pm to close at The Library at The Redbury Hollywood.