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Foie Gras Feast: Our New LA Menu Items

February 6, 2015

When U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson ruled earlier this month that foie gras could be reintroduced on California restaurant menus, foodies state-wide rejoiced. The rich delicacy has been banned in the Golden State since 2012, but with this ban lifted chefs can start serving the fattened goose or duck liver immediately. At sbe, we wasted no time getting seared, fileted and cotton-candied foie gras back on the menu. Check out our new menu items below, and as an added bonus, we’ve rounded up one of our favorite recipes to cook at home, from Chef Hugo of sbe Events and Catering.

Wagyu Filet with Foie Gras
At Katsuya, try these delicious medallions of foie gras served on top of tender Wagyu beef, smothered in chef’s plum reduction.


Cotton Candy Foie Gras
Your inner child will delight at this pillowy layer of sweet cotton candy surrounding a rich, inner morsel of foie gras. Available at The Bazaar Beverly Hills by José Andrés.

SLS Celebration for Jose Andres

Seared Foie Gras
This decadent Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails menu item includes blackberry jam, caramelized pearl onions and chestnuts, served on a truffle brioche.

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Foie Gras Stuffed Figs Hors D’oeuvre, Port Glaze, Marcona Almond Recipe

4 Ounces Foie Gras Terrine
12 Small black figs
1 Quart port wine
1 Tablespoon honey
12 Toasted Marcona almonds
Sea salt and black pepper
(Makes 12)

Reduce the port to a glaze, add the honey and season well. Pass the Foie Gras Terrine thru a fine sieve, and put the resulting mousse in a piping bag. Cut the tops of the figs, cut downwards twice halfway thru in an X pattern. Pipe the Foie Gras Mousse into the fig, spoon over the glaze and decorate with an almond.