Flashback Friday: The Dopest of the 90’s

June 5, 2015
Written by: Giovanni Prada
Contributor, Director of Restaurant Marketing
Image from DOPE Movie

Maybe it’s our fond memories of Cher’s Clueless closet or the too cool for school Zack Morris cell phone that has us nostalgically crushing on Executive Producer Pharrel Williams’ new DOPE Movie. Because of this we have decided to take it back old school because we are old fools who are so cool, with our Top 10 things that remind us of the 90’s.

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10. Walkmans

Let’s face it those bright yellow music marvels kept us rockin’ I’m a Barbie Girl on the DL sans judgement.


9. Acid Wash Jeans

These high-waisted tight hugging jeans were everywhere.   They went with almost everything but mostly big hair with lots of Aquanet.

acid wash jeans

8. Blossom

This spunky show had us all dancing around our living rooms like we had nothing to lose and wishing we had a sidekick like Six.  (p.s. have you seen Joey Lawrence lately? – Woah!)


7. The Rachel

It may have not been our day, our week, our month, or even our year but Rachel’s hair was always on-point and so was about 90% of the female population during the 90’s.


6. Pop-Rocks

We still don’t know the science behind these sugary mouth-poppin’ treats, but what we did know is that you do not mix a Coke and pop-rocks.

pop rocks

5. Blockbuster Video

Wow what a difference a few years makes in film.  Besides the evolution of Netflix, the fact that we never have to worry about someone not being kind and rewinding is definitely a reason to be glad we are no longer in the 90’s.


4. Topanga

Boy did Topanga Meet our World in the 90’s.  As Ben Savage’s girlfriend on Boy Meets World, Danielle Fisher, had us hoping that our teenage relationships were as cool as Corey and Topanga.


3. Jellies

Making their comeback in 2015, jellies were everywhere.  The more glitter the better for these thick heeled lovelies.


2. MC Hammer Pants

From London to the Bay if you owned parachute pants in the 90’s, you were definitely too legit to quit!

mc hammer

1. Push Pencils

The struggle was real in the 90’s with these seemingly handy pencils, but you lose just one piece and you were done for the day!