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Empire is On A Roll…Literally!

March 3, 2015
Written by: Mussarat Bata
Contributor, Social Media Manager
Image via FOX

We’re taking TV Dinners to a whole new level! Empire is the most buzzed about show on TV right now and we’re taking it off screen and into Katsuya with the Epic #EmpireRoll. What makes it so epic? Sweet and spicy shrimp tempura topped with truffle flakes and flecks of real gold.

That’s right. We said real gold.

We sat down with Jussie Smollet, who plays Jamal Lyon—the middle son and fan favorite, to talk about his own personal empire and more.

  • Name the first 3 artists you’d sign to your own Empire entertainment group.
    Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Tupac
  • Any advice for up-and-coming artists searching for their first break?
    Work hard, stay true to your craft, and treat it like a business.
  •  What was your dream job growing up?
    To be an entertainer. I wanted to be an actor, singer, director, and Kermit the Frog (true story, don’t judge)
  • Do you have any pre-set rituals?
    I say a prayer have a teaspoon of honey, and eat a Twizzler
  • Tell us about a life experience you’d love to relive?
    The feeling when my sister and my brother-in-law told me they were having a baby.
  • What 3 words would you use to describe yourself as an artist?
    Autobiographical, passionate, and lovably psychotic

We’ll be celebrating the #EmpireRoll for the month of March at Katsuya Brentwood so make sure to make a reservation. There’s also a chance to score some Empire swag, so follow @katsuyabysbe on Instagram for all the details!

And check out all new episodes of Empire every Wednesday night on FOX at 9/8c.

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