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Create & Cultivate: 100% Lady, 100% Boss

May 2, 2017
Written by: Meghan Palmer
Area Marketing Manager, New York

In a time when women empowerment is having a serious moment,  Create & Cultivate is exactly what New York City didn’t know it needed. The idea behind Create & Cultivate is to gather the next generation of entrepreneurial women and inspire them with a highly-curated day of workshops, mentor sessions and panels, plus delicious cocktails, food, pop-up shops and more.  With past speakers like Chelsea Handler and Jessica Alba, it’s safe to say this year’s NYC conference is going to be one for the books.  We caught up with Create & Cultivate’s Editorial Director, Arianna Schiodager, to get the full scoop on the event.

Tell us a little more about how Create & Cultivate got started.
Create and Cultivate started as a side-hustle for our founder, Jaclyn Johnson. She was working on her other main biz at the time; she was green and wanted advice about entrepreneurship that she couldn’t find, so she brought a crew together and it’s grown organically from there. We’re now about to host our largest C&C to date in NYC!

Photo: Create & Cultivate

The upcoming NYC conference looks amazing- what are you looking forward to the most about the weekend?

The idea of sharing a stage with Gloria Steinem and just being in the presence of her energy gives me chills. The response from our community has been overwhelming; when we announced Gloria as keynote we had attendees DM’ing us that they were in tears. If I had to take a guess, I’d say it’s because this has been an incredibly difficult time for women, working moms, women in the workplace, women at home— everyone really. More than ever, women are coming together to support each other. To be each other’s sounding boards. And to show the world that this isn’t a game.

I also love that the venue is called the Knockdown Center. Because we plan on knocking it the f!*& down.

Photo: Create & Cultivate

What is the coolest thing about working for C&C?
We thrive on stories of attendees who take to advice from the conference and launch their own thing.  Or get the courage to approach new people.  Or take a risk that pays off (and honestly sometimes it doesn’t, but failure is part of the path).  We don’t take it lightly that we’re offering career advice to women who are working full time and thinking about quitting to start something new. We’re all only as good as we allow the women next to us to be, so we allow them to be great.  It’s a no-brainer.

Photo: Create & Cultivate

What is your biggest piece of career advice for young women out there?
You cannot escape hard work, and you can’t have any quit in you.  You can have hard days, you can have harder nights.  But I’ve talked to countless founders and entrepreneurs and the through-line for each and every one of them is that you put the work in and you don’t give up.  Google Sarah Blakley’s story- she hustled her way to success.  Rebecca Minkoff still goes into her office every single day.  Mariam Naficy sold a company for $100 million and then launched something new. And always remember, who you are when no one is looking, or when no one is writing about you, is who you really are.

Photo: Beth Cath

The Redbury New York is thrilled to host Create & Cultivate’s kick off event this year.  If you didn’t snag a ticket to this years conference, don’t fret- there’s still a chance to win your ticket!