Cooking with Chris: Farm to Table with Weiser Family Farms

October 6, 2015
Written by: Lil Newman
Editorial Manager, Marketing Manager
Images via Key and Heart Photography

It’s time to start celebrating our favorite things fall – farmer’s markets, fall flavors, and food. At Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails, this means the start to our brand new culinary series where Chef Chris Crary teams up with local farms for a night of cooking demonstrations, tastings, tips, and tricks.

We caught up with this month’s partner, Weiser Family Farms, for their fall guide to farm to table cooking!

What do fall flavors mean to you?

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Why?  Because Fall is root vegetable eating weather and that’s what our land grows best! Temperatures start cooling and people are putting their ovens on and getting comfy!

Have you noticed anything trending for this season?

I’ve really noticed Sunchokes being very popular this season. Which is one of my new favorite crops for many reasons.

Top five fall veggies to buy and cook with this month:

1) Russian Banana fingerlings

2) Watermelon radishes

3) Purple carrots and White satin carrots

4) Sunchokes

5) DeCicco Brocolli

Any tips or tricks to picking vegetables at their prime?

In picking vegetables in Fall it is different with each vegetable.  We generally wait for a good size and yield. With many, we wait for frost to give vegetables a shot of flavor and depth, Terroir!  We farm 4,300 feet so we get that!

So you have a purple potato you grow called the Laker Baker potato. Where did the inspiration come from? Do you know if any Lakers players have eaten your potatoes?

Laker Baker sorry to say is no longer due to growing issues and the Lakers not making the playoffs. But we have a new one coming called Magic Myrna that will blow you away!  Red skin fingerling with yellow blotches on eyes. Deep gold creamy flesh.  No team local team affiliations yet.  Working on the SC Trojans..

Favorite cooking method for potatoes?

My favorite way to eat potatoes is roasted or in salads or smashed…tough one to answer.

Be sure to reserve your spot at the first class on October 6th at 7pm. Tickets are complimentary on a first come, first served basis.