Culinary Curiosity: Chef Holly Jivin of The Bazaar by José Andrés

August 8, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Chef Holly Jivin suggests starting every meal off “with bubbles,” which we can definitely get down with. A Savannah, GA native and a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, Jivin earned her chops at local spots before moving to LA to continue her culinary quest. Since it opened in 2008, Jivin has been a part of The Bazaar by José Andrés Beverly Hills team, was head chef of SAAM, and is now The Bazaar’s Chef de Cuisine. Always inspired, ever curious, Jivin’s modernist, tapas-style dishes at José Andrés‘ restaurants are as innovative as they are delicious. Below, Jivin talks to us about taste, travel and kitchen tips.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not in the kitchen:
BBQ on my back porch with my husband.

Best advice for other female chefs in the kitchen:
Despite their rough around the edge shell and demeanor, men are just as sensitive as females…..don’t let them fool you!

Ingredient and cooking tool you can’t live without:
Salt would be the ingredient I can’t live without. Food would never reach its full potential without it. Cooking tool: my off-set cookie spatula. It fits perfectly into every crevice.

Best seat in the house at the Bazaar:
I love watching the kitchen, but I think that sitting at Rojo or Blanca Tapas bar is the best seat in the Bazaar. You get to talk and interact with the cooks who have a wealth of knowledge and love helping guide customers through their experience.

Best advice from José:

Tips for the home cook that we can all master:
I cook at home for fun. If what you’re making isn’t fun stop and make something that excites you. It’s the “Joy of Cooking.”

How you got into cooking:
My goal in life while sitting through my first basic classes in college was to make sure that every day that I woke up I would be happy with what I was doing. I quit the university I was attending shortly after that and moved to Atlanta, GA to attend culinary school.

Top spots in LA to enjoy during your free time:
Little Tokyo and Korea Town.

Best place to travel for food inspiration:
I’ve gone on one trip to Spain with José and although my Spanish is not very good, it was an eye opening trip that taught me a lot about food and what’s available in other places around the world.

Favorite dish on the Saam tasting menu and what wine you pair it with:
As of right now it’s the Thai dumpling made with cotton candy, Thai basil, hoisin, lemon, ginger, chicharones and cilantro. It’s our opening snack and I love to start a meal off with bubbles.