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Celebrating Prince With 5 of His Greatest Hits

June 9, 2014
Written by: sbe Editor

55 years ago, the world welcomed one of the greatest musicians of all time. Over his decades-long career the singer – born Prince Rogers Nelson – has gone through many transformations, from performing as Prince, to “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince,” and variations in between. Through them all, however, he’s been nothing short of iconic. To celebrate Prince’s 55th birthday this past weekend, we’ve rounded up our five favorite hits. Put these on repeat today not just because of his birthday, but because they’re awesome!

“Pop Life”
Prince played this hit at his secret Sayers Club show in 2012. You’ll just have to trust us on that though, as the pop star had all cell phones confiscated at the door so the audience could really enjoy what they came there for: the music. It’s the club’s 3rd anniversary this year, and you never know who else might show up on the DL to celebrate.

“When Doves Cry”
The self taught musician’s first U.S. number one single topped the charts for five weeks. It was also the last song Prince composed for his feature film, “Purple Rain.” Fun fact: he cut the original bass line for the song to make it “darker.”

“Little Red Corvette”
Prince reminisces on a one night stand. But ever the gentleman, he urges his beautiful babe for the night to “slow down” and “find a love that’s gonna last.” Sadly, we won’t hear Prince performing it out much these days. Now a Jehovah’s Witness, he doesn’t often sing his hits that are sexually explicit.

One of our favorite recreational pastimes is also one of our favorite Prince songs. This epic single was originally written as just a one minute acoustic ballad. After Prince reworked it, it became an instant classic.

“Purple Rain”
This 1984 classic from the album of the same name sold more than thirteen million copies in the U.S. After years out of the spotlight, Prince made an appearance at the 2004 Grammys to perform it as a duet with Beyonce, as seen here.