Caviar 6 Ways: Holiday Entertaining with Chef José Andrés

November 8, 2016
Written by: Chef José Andrés
sbe Partner & James Beard Award-Winning, Michelin Starred Chef

For the holidays, maybe you want to impress your guests, maybe you want to indulge, but what I can tell you is that you definitely want to keep it simple. Caviar is one of my favorite ingredients – it’s so beautifully simple and elevates any dish. These are just a few of the ways we use caviar at The Bazaar that you can easily translate to your home – or come join us in ours!

  1. José’s Taco
    I have to start with a favorite – a single slice of jamon ibérico de bellota from Spain, with a spoonful of Ossetra caviar placed in the middle. I’m telling you, simple and amazing ingredients are all you need for the perfect holiday party. And if you have a friend who can carve jamón – make sure they are invited!
    jlv_Jose Taco 5
  2. Bagels & Lox Cone
    Who doesn’t love bagels and lox? Here, we take those iconic flavors and put them into a single bite, using dill cream cheese and salmon roe. At home, you could serve this with salmon tartar as a plated appetizer or in a small cone as we do for a snack.
    The Bazaar's Trout Roe Cones
  3. Oysters with Caviar
    I love fresh oysters, and adding just a bit of caviar on top of each oyster before you serve, makes them not only a beautiful sight but also have an incredible taste.
  4. Ensaladilla Rusa with Trout Roe
    We like to call Ensaladilla Rusa the “Ultimate Spanish Tapa.” I can tell you so many Spaniards grew up eating this tapa – it is a simple salad of potatoes, carrots, tuna and mayo, and it is one of my favorites! All you need to do is dress it up with some Trout Roe. Like that, it is ready for the party – just like you!
    JLV_Ensalada Rusa 5_JPG
  5. Avgotaraho with Steamed Buns
    Avgotaraho is a pressed caviar of cured grey mullet roe from Greece. The flavor is incredible – I wish more people knew about this product! To serve it, you can simply slice and drizzle with a very little bit of olive oil. At Bazaar Mar, my team and I are working on serving it with steamed buns, yogurt and radish.
  6. Huevo con Caviar
    Here, we combine another one of my favorite ingredients with the caviar – a fried egg! Make sure you use high quality Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil and constantly spoon the oil over the egg to give it a nice golden finish. Then, you put the egg in a bowl, top it with some caramelized onions and a spoonful of caviar. Slice the egg and mix all the ingredients together and serve with fresh toast. Your guests will thank you for this, I promise!