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Studio Visit: The Best Young NYC Artists to Watch

October 27, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin
Image via Curtis Kulig

Arguably the epicenter of the art world, New York boasts some of the globe’s finest creatives packed onto one tiny island. In our roundup below, we set out to meet some of the city’s (and outer boroughs’) most interesting artists to watch right now. These young image makers are pioneering the realms of painting, photography, sculpture, and everything else in between.

Curtis Kulig

Curtis Kulig became known for his simple message “Love Me,” which he plastered on New York City streets, garnering a cult following before eventually taking his moniker into galleries. At age 18, the North Dakota born artist moved to Manhattan to make it big. And so he has, collaborating with everyone from Converse, to HBO, to Damien Hirst, spreading his message of love internationally.

Curtis Kulig3

Image via Curtis Kulig


Katherine Bernhardt

Katherine Bernhardt’s early, big-brush-stroked paintings of models pulled from the pages of glossy mags and abstracted; captivated both the art and fashion worlds. She’s since gone on to expand her oeuvre, collaborating with her Moroccan husband to create all encompassing installations whose aesthetic is a balance of jubilant pop-art expression and nomadic imagery.


Image via Canada Gallery


Caroll Taveras

Photographer Caroll Taveras traveled to Matatlan, Mexico, the “Mezcal capitol of the world” to capture the process and the people behind making this scintillating spirit. She documents a side of life most of us never see, with an honest approach to her landscapes and portraiture. In her series “Let Yourself Go,” she found out what it took for people to really let go and laugh uncontrollably.

Caroll Taveras

Image via Caroll Taveras


Steve Powers

Steve Powers has graced everything from massive outdoor walls in Manhattan, to galleries, to Coney Island—an area he helped revitalize through his art of sign painting—with his colorful, happy aesthetic. Also known as ESPO, the former graffiti artist is a master of punchy one-liners that are both humorous and at times, dark.


Image via Steve Powers


Jeremy Kost

Often with a Polaroid camera in hand, Jeremy Kost is a tireless documentarian of nightlife, celebrity, club kids and gender boundaries. We’re loving his latest endeavor “Fractured,” a collection of ethereal, multi-layered portraits of beautiful men, which show a softer side of masculinity.


Image via Jeremy Kost