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Best Proven Foods to Cure a Hangover

November 6, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin

We know more about the best foods to cure a hangover than we care to admit. But “best” doesn’t mean deep fried, which isn’t going to help your post-party body in the long run. Instead, we’ve rounded up foods that are equally as satisfying and comforting to fix your bleary-eyed, zombified self the day after. Below, just what the doctor ordered.

Salmon Caviar at Katsuya

Alcohol robs your body of vitamin B, which will inevitably leave you feeling lethargic. Salmon has plenty of vitamin B12 plus EPA and DHA fatty acids to repair the damage. And the caviar is just the icing on the cake.


Poached Eggs and Quinoa Salad at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails

Eggs have plenty of amino acids like taurine, which boosts liver function. And after last night your liver isn’t exactly performing so great. Plus quinoa is packed with amino acids to help you recover faster.

150123 SBE-Hyde 0874

Hakka Rice Pot with Egg at Ku Noodle

Eggs are also an excellent source of protein, and interestingly great for your eyes – which, let’s be honest, are looking a little bleary right now.

Ku_Hakka Rice Pot_1200

Cajun Halibut Cheek over Asparagus at Katsuya

Asparagus is said to increase the levels on enzymes your body needs to get rid of toxins. The cajun halibut is just for added, mouthwatering pleasure.


Pizza from 800 Degrees

Tomatoes are full of vitamin C as well as glutathione, a substance that counteracts hangover-inducing toxins. Add to that a little (or a lot) of gooey mozzarella, your favorite toppings, and put in an wood-burning oven to bake, and you should be all set.


Hummus from Cleo

Chickpeas are packed with B6, which can help with your sluggish symptoms, including an upset stomach. But just about anything from Cleo will make you feel better.

cleo deliv

Sushi at Katsuya

Go ahead and douse your sushi with plenty of wasabi. The paste stimulates blood circulation and increases the oxygenation of cells, which means less chance of headaches and toxins in the body.

Sushi- hands_1800

Moscow Mule at Sayers Club

Let’s not forget hair of the dog. This refreshing mojito is loaded with ginger, which is fantastic for nausea. It’s also great for inflammation (we weren’t going to say anything, but have you noticed you look a little puffy after a night of boozing?)

The Sayers Club - Moscow Mule