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beGlammed’s Tricks for Looking Your Best on Your Wedding Day

March 15, 2017
Written by: Yasha Wallin

It goes without saying that everyone wants to look amazing on their wedding day. Enter the crew a beGlammed, an on-demand beauty service specializing in weddings that literally brings the salon for hair and makeup to your front door. sbe has partnered with the Los Angeles-based beauty experts on wedding packages that will not only make sure you look your best for your big day, but you’ll have a VIP experience while doing so. Below, we reached out to beGlammed’s beauty experts for tips on saying “I do” in style.

At beGlammed, your stylists go directly to the customers. How does that help calm any wedding jitters they have?
Our beGlammed brides meet with their hairstylists and makeup artists prior to their wedding day. They do a consultation and trial with each bride to discuss how they envision their beauty look to be for their special day and try different options until they’re happy with one. This makes everything run smoothly on their wedding day because the stylists will know exactly what to do and how the bride wants everything to be.

What if the wedding is outdoors? What are some tricks to protect hair from the elements?
There are many natural factors that can affect your look for an outdoor wedding: humidity, wind, heat, ocean spray. Pick a low maintenance style that would look good regardless of the elements and use products to control frizz, like shine spray, and a light holding spray. Sea salt spray is perfect for creating texture and maintaining fly-aways.

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Do different cities have different looks for hair? NYC vs. Miami for instance?
New York brides want a more classic and sophisticated updo, like a low chignon, while the Miami bride typically requests a loose, effortless hairstyle for a more tropical and beachy vibe. Our beGlammed stylists are well rounded and can accommodate the most beautiful styles for their brides, even if it’s not a style in our look book.

In your years doing hair and makeup for weddings, what’s one word of advice you’d give to every bride in regards to her look?
I would advise the bride not to transform herself for the wedding, but to look like an elevated version of her natural self.

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