Be Legendary: US Soccer Star Jermaine Jones

July 24, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin
Images via US Soccer

What makes a legend? How about scoring an equalizing goal, a whopping 25-yards out, during the US vs. Portugal 2014 World Cup game – the most viewed soccer match ever in the US? Tattooed midfielder Jermaine Jones did exactly that, helping the US advance to round of 16 with some of the best soccer the team has seen. We were glued to the television watching it all happen, so we are thrilled that for this installment of “Be Legendary” we got to catch up with the German-American Jones. He was taking a much-needed break after the month-long tournament, spending time with his five children and wife, former Miss Germany, Sarah Gerth.

“I believe that we will win” was the US soccer fan anthem throughout the cup. Did you feel that fan support from the US throughout the tournament?
Yes! I have the utmost respect for the US fans. So many supported us in Brazil, which was awesome and crazy. And the soccer in the US will explode in the coming years, 100%.

A lot of people have said this is the best US team we’ve had in years. How do you feel about the team’s performance in this World Cup?
The team is still young and the best years are still coming. But, yes, this team is the best that ever played for the US!

You scored the game tying goal vs. Portugal in the second game of your World Cup debut. You had three touches on the ball before striking from 25 yards out. What was going through your head on that 3rd touch?
Shoot and try to hit the goal in corner!

Being from Germany and having played for them growing up, how did it feel to watch them win the championship?
For me thats not a problem, I’m proud that I’m German American! Yes, they won the cup, but they are a much bigger soccer country. But just look at soccer in US—it’s definitely growing, and that’s happening because of the national team. We play good games and bring the people in the stadium or in front of the TV to watch. That makes me proud to be a part of both!

How does it feel to be a legend? 
I’m just a boy who loves to play soccer – nothing more!

Jermaine Jones

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