Be Legendary: Our Favorite Local Legends Old and New

July 2, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin
Image by Deniz Alaca

What makes a legend? It’s someone with style, passion, notoriety in whatever field they pursue. A legend is also someone who inspires others to be equally as remarkable. We’re lucky enough to know several local legends in cities around the world, and in our new series, “Be Legendary” we’ll introduce you to these extraordinary people. We’ve also enlisted the help of stellar lifestyle and fashion photographer Anna Wolf to capture the spirit of these charismatic characters. So who better to launch the blog series with, than Wolf herself? Here, we learn a little about what inspires her, and her love for travel and tacos.

On the creative process for “Be Legendary”:

The inspiration for the shoot came from wanting to capture the classic, iconic feeling of the 60s and Rat Pack era, while mixing the color and vibrancy of modern-day Vegas. Our choice in locations, casting and styling were all taken from these themes. Once on set, these elements made it really easy to work with each individual model and the group as a whole, inspiring character development to tell a cohesive story while representing the final vision for the project.

On taking inspiration from the present and the past:

Even though I’ve lived in New York for over 10 years, I’ve always felt I’m a Cali girl through and through. I have the toughness that it takes to live in this city but deep down I’m super chill and laid back. I owe that to my So-Cal upbringing.

I moved to Mexico City straight out of college, where I spent my days learning Spanish and eating many, many tacos. Currently, I live on one of the prettiest streets in Brooklyn (Eastern Parkway) and take my 60 pound terrier mutt on a 4 mile walk in Prospect Park every morning when I’m not shooting.

Where she’s been:

Photography has taken me all over the world. There’s Thailand, where I was able to work alongside a massive, yet hardworking crew. Many thanks to the production assistant who was with me at every moment shading me from the intense sun.

Then there’s the Piedmont Region of Italy where I was shooting for Bon Appetit. And Mendoza, Argentina as photographer for Budget Travel, where I spent half the time shooting and the other half drinking wine and eating incredible food.

Last year I went to South Africa for a six-day shoot and it was by far one of the most beautiful and interesting places I’ve ever been. We shot everywhere; from the beach and the mountains to beautiful houses and city streets. My favorite thing was that our local crew were all surfers and could be seen rolling around on a long board with a tray of espresso in the afternoon. We also spent one day at a lake shooting with a massive BBQ for lunch—it doesn’t get much better than that!

One of my all time personal trips, was one that I took with my husband when we first met. We went to a sleepy surf town called Puerto Escondido where the waves are so huge it keeps a lot of tourists out. At the same time it’s filled with tons of young, good looking tan surfers, and restaurants on the beach where you sip margaritas and can dig your feet into the sand. Now that’s my kind of vacation!

What she’s working on:

My latest project is the launch of my new magazine Tidal, which will be published twice a year and feature tons of incredible talent!

Check out a sneak peek of images Anna shot below for the “Be Legendary” series. We’ll be releasing more photos and blog posts each week as we gear up for the SLS Las Vegas opening on August 23rd!

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