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A Love Letter to The Redbury

June 18, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

We’ve got a thing for The Redbury. In both LA and South Beach, these iconic properties exemplify unpretentious, upscale comfort in two of the best locations in the world.

Our romance first blossomed in 2010 with the opening of The Redbury in Hollywood, and things have never stopped heating up. Hollywood’s historic glamor is paired with an exotic flair at Cleo, with Middle Eastern plates to share. And then there’s The Library’s signature cocktails (who knew Jack Daniels paired so well with crushed mint?).

The Redbury

We took things to new heights in December of 2013 with the opening of The Redbury South Beach, with interiors designed by our perennial crush, Matthew Rolston. With its Art Deco charm, and a focus on hospitality, there’s a reason why, since opening earlier this year, The Redbury South Beach made the 2014 Travel + Leisure “It List!” and was ranked the number one hotel in South Beach by TripAdvisor.

Rooftop Pool Dusk_lo


Through it all, these boutique locales – catering to those who love art, music and fashion – keep us coming back for more. So excuse us while we gush, but we’re just getting started. Check back here regularly to read more about The Redbury Experience, and the lifestyle surrounding these top-notch spots.