Drink + Dine

A Beginner’s Guide to the NFL

October 10, 2014
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Enjoying football is as easy as understanding a few of the game’s basic rules, grabbing some friends to watch it with, and picking the perfect location to cheer from the sidelines. To get you game ready, we’ve rounded up a few tips below:

Location, Location, Location

Great ambiance, comfort and quality food and drinks are what you’re looking for. We’ve got you covered on all of the above at Umami Burger Beer Garden & Sports Book, which boasts over 50 game-ready TVs with two for $5 Bud Light and two for $8 Stella Artois on offer Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights.

The plush Hyde Staples Center is perfect for watching Sunday and Monday night football in style; and Hyde Beach’s signature cocktail pitchers go well with a little offensive strategy.

While in Vegas, Double Barrel’s Sunday, Monday and Thursday night game specials will have you cheering even before kickoff:
$40 open bar during the game
$5 Fireball, Jameson, Absolut Raspberry Lemondrops
$10 Absolut Bloody Marys
$5 Bud Light and Shocktop drafts
$20 Pitchers of Bud Light and Shocktop
Saturdays ONLY: $30 bucket of 5 Corona/Corona Light, plus a souvenir cooler!

Pick your poison, and plan ahead

NFL games are comprised of four 15 minute quarters, so there’s nonstop action you don’t want to miss by experimenting with different drinks and having to cut out early. And remember, there are only two minute changeovers between quarters to grab a new beverage, so choosing a spot with table service, like Hyde Beach is the way to go. Similarly, Double Barrel’s all you can drink special will keep your mind focused on the game, rather than how much cash you’re dropping on drinks.

Know the basics, cheer appropriately, and be a good sport

Impress your friends by knowing the names of both team’s quarterbacks. Find out how each side has been playing this season before the game begins, so you can drop a little knowledge throughout. Get loud when your team makes a touchdown, but never cheer when someone is injured or a penalty is made, even if you think it’s fair. Always congratulate the losers and shake hands at the end of the game

Put five on it

The more invested you are, the more you’ll care about every play. Make bets with your friends—when your pride or money are on the line you’ll get a little rowdier in support of your team, and that’s part of the fun. Plus, Vegas’ Umami Burger Beer Garden & Sports Book also takes bets, so that delicious burger might end up being covered if the odds are in your favor.