5 sbe Approved Labor Day Travel Hacks

September 2, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin

With Labor Day coming up, there will be plenty of travelers on the road and in the air taking advantage of summer’s last hurrah. That could make for an annoying journey unless of course you have one leg up on the competition with our expert travel hacks. Check out our five pointers below, guaranteed to make your long weekend more of an adventure and less of a headache.

  1. Compare Routes: If you fancy a road trip this weekend, check out Google Maps, or whatever your mapping app of choice to make sure you don’t run into traffic. Also, the shortest route might not be the best or have the greatest view or ice cream options, so plan it out before hitting the road.
  2. Avoid Peak Travel Times: It’s not always east to avoid, but if you leave Thursday or Saturday morning to avoid the rush on the road or at the airport, you’ll have a more relaxing journey. And, even better if you can come back Tuesday morning.
  3. Keep Fresh and Pack Light: Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase or weekend bag to keep your clothes smelling nice and reduce static.
  4. Give Back: If your trip takes you outside the US, on the last day, round up any loose foreign coins and find someone in need to pass off to.
  5. Stay Put, Let Us Do the Entertaining: Whether in Vegas, Miami or LA, we’ve got a packed line up at our nightlife venues, plus plenty of brunch options to nurse your hangover the next day. That means you can go big without ever leaving your backyard. And if you’re a member of The CODE, you can skip the Labor Day line at our Vegas hot spots.