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Blow Your Bonus: 5 Decadent Things To Do in LA

December 28, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin

If all goes well, many of us will receive a Christmas bonus for 2015. What better way to spend that extra cash than on a little extravagance to reward all your hard work? And given the fact that California boasts more billionaires than the rest of the country, there are plenty of baller ways in LA to blow your bonus. Behold, just a few exclusive items on our radar:

Indulge in SAAM’s 22-Course Tasting Menu
Chef José Andrés has built a reputation crafting eclectic cuisine that consistently delivers. And few greater high-end dining experiences can be had in LA than Andrés’ ultimate 22-course tasting menu at SAAM for $150. Feast on carefully prepared menu items like Peking Dumpling, Truffle Waffle, Loup de Mer and more, while reveling in the atmosphere, presentation, and wine pairings.


Go Ultra VIP at LAX
Within the next six months at LAX, the rich and famous will have access to a private terminal complete with a covered entrance, private security, lux lounges, and VIP shuttles to and from your flight. The airport is hoping to lure those with heavy pockets back to LAX as opposed to using private planes. It will be the first time a US airport implements something like this, and it can all be yours for the low minimum cost of $1,500 to $1,800 a pop.


Stay in a Seriously Lavish Suite
At SLS Beverly Hills, all the decadence expected from this high-end zip code delivers. For the ultimate stay, book the 1,900 square foot Presidential Suite with a full wet bar, dining room, walk-in closet, and Philippe Starck-designed furniture. Every stay can be fully customized, and there’s even a BMW house car for complimentary drop offs.

lux3171gr-173758-presidential suite bedroom

Drink Up a Shot of $64K Whiskey
The reservations-only Macallan bar, £10, is home to some of the rarest whiskeys in the world. That includes the oldest whiskey, a 64-Year-Old Macallan, of which there are only two ounces left in the world. And for just $64,000 a shot, one taste can be yours!


Babysit an Exotic Car for the Day
Ride around the City of Angeles in style with your choice of any number of exotic car rentals from Gotham Dream Cars. Ever wonder what a Maybach 57S feels like driving down the 101? For upwards of $1,000 per day, you can find out, or go for an “Exotic Car Experience,” and test out six different rides for a cool $895 per day.