Naughty and Nice: 5 Apps to See Who “Unfollowed” You This Year

December 14, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin

We’ve all been there: you post something amazing for your social media world to see and just as suddenly you notice your follower count decline. Their loss, of course, but it’s hard not to take being unfollowed personally. And for those growing a digital presence, it’s helpful to know who ditched you and why, so you can better track what’s working on social media. And on the flip side, if you figure out what “friends” unfollow you, you can then return the favor, and weed some of those repetitive cat photos from your feed. Here are five apps to figure out who your unfollowers are so you can start the New Year fresh.

  1. CrowdfireFor Instagram and Twitter, this handy app will tell you in real time who has hit the road.
  2. TweepiPerfect for managing your Twitter profile, this straightforward interface has handy features like “Geeky Follow” that allows you to quickly follow people with similar interests, and “Geeky Flush” that shows you everyone who isn’t following you back so you can easily unfollow them.
  3. UnfollowersFor both Twitter and Instagram, this app supports multiple accounts telling you everything like who unfollowed you recently, who followed you recently, who you don’t follow, and so on.
  4. FollowersOne of the most robust unfollower apps, you can track multiple networks like Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  5. Who Deleted MeThis is the holy grail of follower tracking because it lets you see who unfriended you on Facebook, which hasn’t always been easy because of the site’s privacy policy. It’s a Chrome extension, and you can also use it as an app for iOS or Android.