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Dessert of the Future: 3D Printing with Chef Kriss Harvey

December 4, 2015
Written by: Yasha Wallin
Image via Matfer Bourgeat

If you’ve never sunk your teeth into Kriss Harvey’s sublime nitro coconut floating island, or the often sold out cannelés de Bordeaux, drop what you’re doing and head straight for The Bazaar by José Andrés at the SLS Beverly Hills. A self proclaimed chocolate obsessive, the Executive Pastry Chef studied at the revered Cacao Barry Chocolate Academy before moving on to Paris, then to el Bulli in Spain, working with the best of the best in the pastry business, and pushing the envelope for what desserts should look and taste like.

Now, Harvey is a sweet-toothed pioneer yet again, with a foray into 3D printing. Partnering with 3D Systems‘ Culinary Lab–who are experimenting with edible printing technology—Harvey will lead a group of curious confectioners through a workshop on December 8 from 7-9pm, to learn just what the future of food holds. In anticipation of this breakthrough evening, Harvey tells us more.

3D printing for culinary seems to be a new trend in luxury dining. Can you tell us about how it works?

You draw a 3D image on the computer. The exact image is developed with negative and positive space to the scale of the drawing on a 3D printer. In this case, we are using sugar and a liquid that is colored and can be flavored. It’s injected in micro millimeters that is guided by the software. It builds it layer by layer and larger pieces can be put together after printing. It’s amazing.

3DS Culinary Lab recently premiered in LA and we see you’re leading the introductory Sweets event on December 8th. What types of pastries/desserts incorporate these 3D printed elements?

I see the 3D sugar as more of an edible garnish or a serving dish than an actual main dish. So for that, I’ll be creating a dessert with classic flavored and deliver the final component with a 3D creation as the final touch that will tie the dish together. For instance, a cherry printed on the machine that taste like a cherry but certainly isn’t.

Being the Executive Pastry Chef at SLS Beverly Hills, can we see any of this technology being used at Tres, The Bazaar, or the Patisserie?

The Patisserie at the Bazaar is a magical place. We are always looking for new ways to wow are guests for pieces in SAAM or The Patisserie. We like to play with our guests’ minds and nothing does that quite like a 3D printer!

How do you see this technology changing the way we eat?

We are in the infancy if 3D food printing. A few years ago, this wasn’t even a possibility so never say never!



To RSVP for the Culinary event on December 8th, please CLICK HERE.