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15 Ways to Tell You’re a Real New Yorker

April 22, 2016
Written by: Yasha Wallin

This political season there’s been a lot of talk about New York values and what it means to be a New Yorker. Those of us who have spent any amount of time in the Big Apple know that New York values are the best of values. But what exactly does it mean to be a New Yorker and how can you tell if you are one? Behold! 15 tell-tale signs that you’re from NYC:

  1. Everything in your closet is black.
  2. You’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty.
  3. You barely flinch when you see a celebrity.
  4. You feel uneasy when you’ve left the island for more than 24 hours — especially if you’re anywhere rural or suburban.
  5. You find people that walk slowly, especially in transit, to be the pariahs of the universe.
  6. You are an expert at knowing where on the subway platform you need to stand to get to your exit/transfer.
  7. You call the corner store a “bodega.” And you often do your grocery shopping at said bodega.
  8. You can’t think of anything else but pizza when you’re drunk.
  9. Even if you have nowhere to be, you’re still in a hurry to get there.
  10. You know the difference between lox and smoked salmon – and which one you want on a bagel.
  11. You know the correct way to pronounce Houston Street.
  12. You’ve forgotten how to drive, or you never got a license.
  13. If you inadvertently end up in Time Square, you run like mad to get out of there.
  14. You’ve perfected the art of hailing a taxi and know you’re doomed if you need one between 4 and 5 pm when cabbies’ shifts change.
  15. Every winter you threaten to move to LA.