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10 Things You Never Knew About Miami

January 15, 2016
Written by: Yasha Wallin

Even if you’ve never been to Miami, most people will feel like they know about the Magic City’s year-round sunshine, sprawling coastline, and beautiful residents. However there’s so much more to Miami than meets the eye. We dug a little deeper to bring you 10 things about this southern Florida metropolis that will have locals and visitors alike falling in love with it all over again.

  1. Fittingly, the first suntan lotion in the world was invented in 1944 by Miami pharmacist, Benjamin Green.
  2. Julia Tuttle, dubbed the “Mother of Miami,” is the founder of Miami—the only major city in the US to be founded by a woman.
  3. Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world.
  4. Before it was developed into the metropolis it is today, Miami was a mangrove swamp.
  5. Miami is nicknamed “Magic City” because it became a city seemingly overnight (thank you Julia Tuttle).
  6. Some Miami residents drink a Cuban “colada” every afternoon at 3:05 (Miami’s area code).
  7. Back in the 90s, Miami installed the first bank automated teller machine specifically for rollerbladers.
  8. Tourists generate more than 60% of the Miami area’s economic activity.
  9. When it premiered, the soundtrack to Miami Vice was at number one on the charts for 12 weeks—the most successful in TV history.
  10. The power of diversity: Miami is home to 150+ ethnicities and 60+ languages.