About Fourteen

On a sunny Sunday eight years ago, LA friends finished up their afternoon pool parties and gathered at the patio of a local restaurant to keep the merriment going. Good food and music lead to champagne and dancing in the dark – everyone present could sense something special in the air. Word spread quickly, and when these same friends met again on the following weekend, many others joined. Thus XIV was born…

Since then, XIV has spread to three cities and become one of the most visible Nightlife imprints in the world. While retaining its signature character, the party has shifted over the years to meet both trends in electronic music and the needs of each local market. It’s been an epic run, but hospitality products must evolve in step with the patrons they serve. As sbe contemplated the future of the brand, we couldn’t help but look back to its humble beginnings.

Enter FOURTEEN, a step forward towards the cherished past. This year, the party returns to its original Los Angeles location on the patio of HYDE SUNSET. Stripped of catchy themes and gimmicks, FOURTEEN will channel the spirit of Europe’s most popular summer destinations. An updated soundtrack that embraces alternative Dance music and the classics alike will modernize the brand while remaining true to its roots. State of the art sound, décor by Waldo Fernandez and cuisine care of Top Chef contender Chris Crary will elevate the established FOURTEEN experience to new heights.

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